Equip your home and business with the best-in-class automation and security solutions that help make life simple, secure and comfortable.


Risk Assessment

Understanding to the last detail—the risks and threats unique to an office space or homes—is the foremost consideration of the Smartice team. We adopt a ‘multiple consultation sessions, multiple site visits’ approach and understand the client requirements thoroughly.

Best In Class Services

Smartice believes in establishing customer relationships that last a lifetime. We combine the best of technology and service values to ensure your delight.

Engage. Understand.

In the know of needs and requirements of the space, our technical experts inform and educate the customer on the features of our solutions and the benefits they bring. This will help the client make an informed decision about the solution relevant to their necessities.


The Transparency Principle

We abide by our commitment to transparency through the process. The client is made aware of the technology involved in our solutions and educated on its functioning. We work with only brands of repute, and provide the customer all the details of the products, equipment we use.

End to End Support

Intelligent home automation solution helps you experience seamless control over lighting access temperature, security and more on your smartphone

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