Get the video doorbell to ring on your smartphone and ensure complete safety with the smart lock system.

Video Doorbell

The video doorbell device, on connecting with smart home application, enables the user to see the visitor and talk to them from either smartphone, tablet or PC, from anywhere, before allowing them to enter your home. The features include, HD video and two-way talk.


Ease of Use

The stylish, secure video doorbell can be connected to the wiring of the existing doorbell. Apart from the video doorphone is equipped with remote smartphone viewing and comprises an indoor unit with 2-way audio and one way video communication.

Smart Lock

If you ever believed keyless entry into your home was impossible, you’re wrong. With Smart Lock, you can control the lock from your phone, from anywhere. Also, on locking and unlocking of the door, you will receive instant alerts on your smartphone.


Equip to Secure

The doorbell and the smart lock, in their individual capacities, ensure vigilance, safety and comfort. On the other hand, combining the two feature-rich and cost-effective systems could just be the perfect way to get a complete entrance management system for your home.

Smart Home Solutions

Discover the perfect way to monitor, control the lights in your home with hassle-free, smart solutions that enhance the ambience of your home.

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