Managing the lights in your home could not be simpler. Discover a smart hassle-free way to control the lights in your home. Even while you’re away.

Energy Efficient.

Control your lights remotely through your smartphone and schedule them to turn off at specific times during the day, when you’re not home. With this, you will not only benefit on your bills, but address your social responsibility by contributing to energy conservation.


Ambience Control

Dim lights to catch some sleep? Bright lights for family time? You choose the hues. Select the colour, intensity and location of your lights; ambience of your indulgence is now completely your choice. Let your mobile talk to smart bulbs and set the colour, and you can just groove!

Talk to Lights

Experience Voice Controlled Lighting with the help of our product, which acts as a voice assistant and communicates with the automation hub that lets you control devices at home using your voice. Our unique smart lighting packages make the right, light-impact.


Elegant Smart-Lighting

Centralized, elegant lighting systems allow you to move control to anywhere in your home. Also, you can activate custom lighting scenes and integrate it with other systems and features like instant notification for entrance management and video surveillance.

Smart Home Solutions

Discover the perfect way to monitor, control the lights in your home with hassle-free, smart solutions that enhance the ambience of your home.

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