Welcome the assistance of a security perfectionist in the form of Smartice Video surveillance, and experience effortless safety.

Baby Monitoring

The intelligent camera makes for the perfect device to watch over the elderly and the kids at home, from wherever you are. With two-way audio, the smartphone-viewing enabled, dedicated baby monitoring system helps you keep an eye out for the little one.


24/7 Surveillance

Our tamper resistant, night vision HD Cameras record videos 24/7, with clarity and precision. Also, with our surveillance systems you can watch live videos to keep an eye on what’s happening at your premises. Leveraging remote access, you can repel intruders, trouble makers with ease!

Enhanced Security

Our solutions comprise HD CCTV cameras, with video footage up to 8 MP resolution, allowing you to see live videos of your premises using your smartphone or a connected computer and get instant notifications and alerts if motion is detected while you’re away.


Mobile Access

The key feature of the video surveillance system is its mobile (smartphone, tablet) access benefit. This not only makes possible remote viewing, but allows for complete, instant threat response initiation and overall security maintenance of your home.

Smart Home Solutions

Discover the perfect way to monitor, control the lights in your home with hassle-free, smart solutions that enhance the ambience of your home.

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