Equip your doors and windows with easy to install sensors that detect, report any intrusion and ensure complete home safety.


The door and window sensors help you detect movement of the door or window with an immediate notification on your smartphone. These sensors alert and arm you against burglars, intruders and keep you safe from them.


Instant Alert

The sensors are programmed to provide instant alerts if they are being tampered with or if an attempt is being made to remove them. In such situations, sensors are triggered, and an alarm is generated and notified instantly on your smartphone.

Safe. Secure.

Designed to safeguard, motion sensors detect and respond to movement in the specified area. Its compatibility with multiple devices, alongside the multi-sensing capabilities that detect change in temperature and light, makes it a must-have security component.


Custom Protect

Every Smartice automation solution, is tailored to suit your needs and seamlessly fits into your smart home idea. From turning the lights on and off corresponding to the movement of the door those on the staircase, you can program, customise the battery driven device for your comfort.

Smart Home Solutions

Discover the perfect way to monitor, control the lights in your home with hassle-free, smart solutions that enhance the ambience of your home.

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