Sustain the security, surveillance equipment at its optimal efficiency, for long. Communicate with our maintenance team, at the slightest confusion or concern.


Preventive Maintenance

Equipment maintenance is required at multiple stages and in multiple ways, with the first of them being consistent preventive action. Our technicians follow a pre-set periodic system of checking and verifying health of equipment, to optimise performance.

Best In Class Services

Smartice believes in establishing customer relationships that last a lifetime. We combine the best of technology and service values to ensure your delight.

The follow-up

After carrying out all the pre-defined maintenance procedure, equipment and system performance are tested against various parameters. Subsequently, a detailed report concerning the same is sent to the client for feedback.


Annual Maintenance

Following from our periodic maintenance system and dedicated Smartice solutions, an Annual Maintenance Contract is presented to the client. This involves both comprehensive and non-comprehensive maintenance, depending on the requirement of the client.

End to End Support

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