Leave no room for panic. Alert your loved ones at the very sign of a threat and respond with ease in case of emergencies.

Emergency Alert

Responding to the threat of intrusion can be nightmarish. But not anymore. The panic button does the job. This smart home can be used to trigger an instant alarm in case of an intrusion. Owing to this, one can be reassured of instant action in response to any threat.


Centralized Control

Reaction to emergencies, is just one of the features of this button; it is a comprehensive control-all remote. It recognizes up to 6 different actions, and controls multiple devices. For example: click once to switch off the light, twice to turn on the AC, and hold it down to activate alarms.

Ease of Use

The portable button is so small and easy to carry that it fits on your mobile phone cover, or your car keys. And guess what? It can even be worn around your neck! Also, this incredible-battery life device not only has distinct functions but is available in an assortment of colours too.


Safe Living

This one button embodies all the core features that would be required in a single button remote. Whether it is a case of elderly people at home caught in a health emergency, or worried by an intrusion, they can press the panic button and notify the user on the registered mobile number.

Smart Home Solutions

Discover the perfect way to monitor, control the lights in your home with hassle-free, smart solutions that enhance the ambience of your home.

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