Experience the perfect smart solution with our expert guided, evaluated, and verified design that is ideal for office space.


Location Mapping/Survey

A Smartice design engineer will visit and perform a survey of the location, in order to suggest a solution relevant to the space. This survey will be followed by drawings representing the location mapping, on which, the client’s feedback will be used to meet their requirement.

Best In Class Services

Smartice believes in establishing customer relationships that last a lifetime. We combine the best of technology and service values to ensure your delight.

Bill of Quantitiy (BOQ)

The design—a CAD diagram— will be shared with the sales team, which will communicate with the client. This communication will include a Bill of Quantitiy (BOQ) and a comprehensive proposal document.


Professional Approach

The proposal document comprising equipment and financial details, will be further modified—based on client suggestions and feedback. On receiving a final confirmation from the client, the design process is considered complete, and a Purchase Order (P.O.) will be generated.

End to End Support

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